The sausages of 2012

Now it has already been a few days of 2013. I thought that I should list the sausages I did last year and rank them.
It's clear that I'm hooked on making my own sausage. I did not think it would be so fun and especially good and tasty to eat sausages that has more spices and character than baby food.
The best tasting sausage of 2012, a cumberland style sausage.

Here is my highly individual list of how I think the sausages were in flavor.

  1. Cumberland
  2. Merguez
  3. Chaurice
  4. Anduoille

As everyone noticing I cheated a bit in December and had some time of instead of making a Christmas sausage.
Maybe the best looking sausage 2012, a merguez.
The most important point I learned this year must be to have as part of breadcrumbs as fluid. This year I will experiment more with how much bread crumbs to included compared to meat.

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