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About the blog:

This is our blog about food and baking and quite a lot of bread. Furthermore, it should be a blog about the joy of trying new things and stop eating the same old dishes of food over and over again every week. Forcing us to cook better and tastier food to enjoy and enrich our lives more.
An important element will be to show steps from raw material to the finished dish.
Currently, it is thought that there will come a new recipe every three days


Pauline - pauline at yeastornoyeast.com

After living in a dorm for three years, with a kitchen that left you wishing for more, I finally have a proper kitchen where I can cook proper food. I want to get past the routine cooking process, where I do not rely on the same seven dishes and cook them over and over again. I will therefore try to do something new every week. My biggest passion is bread and pastries and I try to make sure there is always fresh bread at home.
My current goal is to try one or some bread recipes and a new macaron recipe each month.

Johan - johan at yeastornoyeast.com

My relationship with food has long been that it should be easy to cook when you are in a hurry or hungry and if I make it myself, I get to decide how it should taste. Now I feel that it is time to try to make food that requires preparation, so that it might get easier on weekdays when there is so much else that has to be done.
My current aim is to do a new sausage recipe every month.


Do you want us to do anything special? A special recipe or start doing a new series of recipes  Please send us an email with your thoughts to request at yeastornoyeast.com.


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