no bake chocolate and peanut butter cake

It's amazing how cooking can make you so happy. Me and Johan have had our food inspiration nights a couple of weeks and we get so much of it! Not just because we get to try new recipes, but because we spend time together in a different way than we do in everyday life, when we mostly just watch masterchef australia. It is so much better than the Swedish version. It's not someone who cries or gets a nervous breakdown every week and the participants, plus we who are looking at it, may actually learn something!
cake has nothing to do with masterchef but it was a dessert that I tried one of our food inspiration nights, apparently I have a craving for peanuts right now.

No bake chocolate and peanut butter cake

200 g heavy cream
400 g milk chocolate
200 g shortbread biscuits
150 g peanut butter

Bring the cream to a boil in a saucepan. Chop the chocolate into small bits and place them in a bowl. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and let stand for about 5 minutes. Line a loaf pan, or something similar, I used a washed thai take away box since I halved the batch, with baking paper. Stir the cream an chocolate until it is smooth and well combined. Pour the melted chocolate into the base of the cake, enough to cover the bottom. Place a layer of shortbread on top of it and cover the biscuits with peanut butter and one or two pinches of sea salt. Cover with another layer of biscuits and pour the rest of the chocolate over it. Refrigerate for about 8 hours. Or do as i did, if you live in a country which gets degrees below zero, put the cake out on your balcony or porch, this speeds the process quite a bit.