Cumberland Style Sausage

Earlier this spring I went to a sausage course at Taylor and Jones, all participants got a bag full of sausages to bring home but mine is finished now, so it is time to try to make my own sausage at home.
After looking at a lot of recipes and "making sausage" websites and books, it feels like that you can complicate the recipe a lot. I will start by making simple recipes with few ingredients and no fresh ingredients that can easily become bad.
My thought when I started thinking about what kind of sausage I would like do was that the meat should be approximately 20% fat. It's a good question if I got that much or not, as shown below, it was some at least some fat in the piece of meat.
Another good question is which cut it is in English. In Swedish it is called fl√§skkarr√© that is roughly translated to pork loin or tenderloin which I am unsure if it is correct. It is called the collar here and is part number 4 in this wikipedia page where the cuts differ a lot from the English version.

Reasonably beautifully tied sausages.
Ingredients for Sausage:
1.2 kg collar/pork loin in bits (some is lost in the meat grinder)
2 dl water
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon white pepper
1 teaspoon sage
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon marjoram

Bit of collar/pork loin, about 1.2 kg.

Discs of the meat showing the amount of fat.
Here are the sliced meat ​​but it must be cut into smaller pieces, like cubes, before it is easy to grind them in a hand-powered meat grinder.
Meat grinder after usage.
It was a bit sticky with meat grinder, it became more so since I did not have a bowl that was low enough to go under the meat grinder.
Minced meat, water, bread crumbs and spices.
When the meat is minced put it and everything else in a large bowl with plenty of room for processing. The important thing here is that the various ingredients are evenly distributed, it will not be fun if the breadcrumbs stick together and forms small balls.
Something for the chef.
If you are unsure about the seasoning or if it's your first time you try a new sausage recipe, you can fry a small piece of sausage meat to taste it.
Or they do it anyway so the chef gets a small piece.

Finished sausages.
After the sausage is filled it is time to bind it. My idea was to bind it like this. You can argue if I managed to do it equally good, I think have to practice a bit more.

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