Bread Crumbs

Sometimes there is a small crust of bread left, which no one has time or wants to eat before it gets a little old and boring. Now I have taken advantage of them and made my own bread crumbs.
Crumbs and raw material.
To get a decent amount, I have saved the old pieces of bread for a while by having frozen them. The sheet below shows the fruits of my effort.
I broke the old pieces of bread into fairly small pieces, some I cut with a knife so that they would not be so large. Larger pieces means longer time in the oven.
Of course, the final result will depend on the type of bread used. I have opted out of all bread with fruit in.
Old dismantled bread crusts.
When the bread pieces are prepared it is time to dry them in the oven. I was in a bit of a hurry so I dried them at 150 degrees for 45 minutes. Next time I think I will have a lower temperature, around 100 degrees, and do it in 2 hours.
When the bread dries the moisture is driven out of the bread that otherwise could create mold. However, it is important not to burn the bread pieces as the breadcrumbs will take a taste of it.
The same bread crusts dried in the oven.
The difference before and after the oven is that the bread pieces are warm and crispier. Let them cool and run them in a blender.
Depending on your blender you will find that all the crumbs are not equal in size. I used a strainer to separate the finished breadcrumbs. Everything that is not small enough go back in the blender until they are the correct size.
Different sized crumbs.
Save the finished result as normal, dry and dark.
The finished result.

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