Hot raspberry and vanilla smoothie

To get started and do more different, for me anyway, things so I have decided to start making smoothies. My thought is that they should function well for breakfast and lunch and also perhaps as a supplement to a dinner.
Finished and served smoothie.
Ingredients for 1 glass of smootihe:
  • 1 dl of raspberries, I used frozen ones
  • 1 dl of vanilla yogurt 0.5% fat
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 0.5 ml habanero sauce

The amount and kind of habanero sauce to use is a long discussion. I currently have a few tasty ones that is not that strong from Mexico home. Which makes it possible to be a little generous.
The point is not that the smoothie should be strong but just a little hot and it is very individual so the only way to know your amount is to try. Start with a lower amount. 
Broadly an equal amount of raspberries as vanilla yogurt.
 Pour the measured raspberries and yogurt along with the honey in a blender.
Some honey for extra sweetness.
There is 1 ml of habanero sauce the picture but it is just because I made a double batch, 2 glasses of smoothie.
Even less habanero sauce to counter some of the sweetness.
Mix everything in the blender and then pour into a suitable and nice glass.
Decanted with garnish.

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