Merguez style sausage

Now it is time for my first lamb sausage. It is a merguez, originally from north Africa.
This time I was a bit lazy so I bought minced lamb from my local butcher.

Recipe for 1000 g of meat:
  • 1000 g lamb, fat content 20-30%
  • 15 g of salt
  • 17 g of black pepper
  • 6.5 g of garlic, finely chopped
  • 5 g of cayenne pepper
  • 6 g of paprika
  • 8.3 g of cumin
  • 20 ml of olive oil
  • 1.8 dl of water
  • 2 dl of breadcrumbs
To my sausage batch I used:
  • 1500 g of minced lamb, ~ 10% fat
  • 200 g of pork fat
  • 25.5 g of salt
  • 29 g of black pepper
  • 11 g of garlic, finely chopped
  • 9 g of cayenne pepper
  • 10 g of paprika
  • 14 g of cumin
  • 34 ml of olive oil
  • 3 dl of water
  • 3.4 dl of breadcrumbs
Grind the pork fat and chop the garlic. When done, mix everything together.
Ready to mix.
Once everything is mixed, the color of the minced meat has changed color because of the paprika.
A mixed sausage batch.
Taste a bit to see that nothing has gone wrong.
The small sample for the chef.
Actually it should be lamb casings to merguez but I had some hog casings at home that I used.
Fill the casing.
When all the batter is in place, tie the sausage.
Finished merguez, cook and eat.

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