Blueberry Liqueur Part 2

Two months have passed since i put my blueberry liqueur in a glass jar. The time has come to place it in bottles.
2 bottles of blueberry liqueur.
I took a photo of the jar after only a week. A lot of the sugar had already dissolved and there was already some color.
After about a week.
After two months the color is much darker.
After 2 months on the windowsill.
Open the jar and separate the liquid from the berries.
Only blueberries left in the jar.
The berries where harder than I expected, but they did not taste that much. Neither good nor bad.
Strain the berries.
Sanitize bottles before the blueberry liqueur is poured in to them. As the picture below shows the bottles holds about 2 dl each. After the small tasting, the bottles will be stored for another 2 months. They will be ready to use by Christmas.
The result and a wee dram.


Compared to the original recipe I only used sugar which I believe to have been good. Even though it still smelled a bit of vodka it only tasted blueberries with a warm feeling in my chest when I tasted it.

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