Sourdough bread with wheat and rye

Now I've finally got started with baking with sourdough again after the course I went to with Sebastien Boudet. It's so much easier to bake with sourdough after listened to him and his visions. I've always been under the belief that it's super tricky and time consuming to bake with sourdough. But it's actually quite the opposite, a sourdough does not get mad at me and then over ferment if I happen to forget it for a few hours and the efficient baking time I spend with the sourdough is maybe ten minutes. It does not mind at all to ferment slowly at it's own pace in the fridge, it can stand there for a few days if it feels like it. It's almost as if I need to change the blog's name, "naturalyeastornoyeast", but, sadly,that isn't quite as catchy as yeastornoyeast. 

Sourdough bread with rye and wheat

300 g sourdough
1 ½
kg flour (optional what kind, I used 1 kg wheat flour and rye flour ½ kg)
1 liter of
lukewarm water
20 g salt

It's as simple as to mix together all the ingredients. After that, let the dough rest for 1 hour so that the flour have time to take in all the moisture and the gluten to have time to start being formed. Then knead the dough until it starts to drop off the table. Drop in any form with lid and let rise in refrigerator at least 12 hours. Take the dough out and shape it, or add to a prove basket. Here you can either put it in the refrigerator for another few hours or days to ferment it longer or you can bake it immediately. This particular recipe will be about 3 large bread. I baked one part of the dough in about 40 minutes after i took it out and the other part I let stand over the day in the fridge and then baked it in the evening. Spray a little of water in the oven before putting the bread in to help the crust along the way. Let cool on a rack.

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