Roast beef sallad

A new day with calorie restriction has passed and before dinner I had no clear thought about what to eat. Once it was solved, it felt so simple. By chance we saw a little roast beef at the grocery store when we went shopping.
After seeing that 100 grams of roast beef contains 110 kcal it felt so natural to eat it with a salad.
Now that it has finally become spring it feels fresh to eat cold a roast beef salad and dream about the upcoming summer.

Salad ready to eat.

  • 100 grams of tomato - 23 kcal
  • 100g cucumber - 14 kcal
  • 30 grams of radish - 5 kcal
  • 20 grams mache salad - 3 kcal
  • 100g roast beef - 110 kcal
  • 350 grams - 155 kcal

With only 155 kcal in the salad, it would have been perfectly possible to add a teaspoon of yogurt-based dressing.
Even though I can eat a piece of meat that weighs 350 grams alone, these 350 grams makes me feel full.
The whole plate.
A different plating style.

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