Bacon and feta cheese salad

The dinner on my first day with calorie restriction was simple. A bacon and feta salad.
Crisp bacon and creamy feta cheese.


  • 215 grams of salad - 50 kcal
  • 25 grams of feta cheese - 73 kcal
  • 50 grams of crispy bacon - 140 kcal

The bacon is 140 kilo calorie when it is uncooked and I used no grease when I fried it, which should make it contain less energy when it is fried and there is some fat left in the pan.
However, it became a 285 gram meal with approximately 260 kilo calories.
In general the first day went by quite easily. Mostly probably because I had a lot to do and geared my few calories towards bulky and heavy things with low nutritional value.

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