Butterscotch is something I really have a love-hate relationship to. I love the caramel flavor, but there are few things that makes me so upset as to pour the butterscotch in these small forms when the forms begin to fall, even though I moistened the plate they stand on, and precious butterscotch flows out over the plate. This year I managed to trick one of my friends to do it so I managed to skip out on all the misery, hurray!


1 cup heavy cream
1 cup caster sugar
1 cup syrup
½ cu of almonds (optional)

Mix sugar, syrup and cream in a heavy saucepan. It should be a heavy saucepan so that the butterscotch won't burn. Use a large pot too because the larger the diameter of the base, the faster it will cook.
Bring to a boil
and stir occasionally. Reduce the heat when it starts to boil, but make sure it is warm enough so that it continues to boil. Let cook for 20 - 45 minutes. The range depends on the size of the saucepan you have, I obviously had a too large  pot, so for me it only took about 15 minutes. To be on the safe side, you can do a test now and then. This is done by taking a small amount of batter and dip it in a glass of cold water when you can shape the mixture into a ball after having had it in the water the butterscotch is done.
you boil the butterscotch, cast the buterscotch molds and chop the almonds fine, if you want almond in. I usually set the molds on a baking sheet that I moistened a little before so that the molds should stay in place, not that they always do it anyways, but still .
When the
butterscotch is ready, pour the mixture into the molds. Use a jug with a handle. I use one in stainless steel.
the butterscotch solidify at room temperature or cooler, the colder, the faster they solidify.


The same recipe as the butterscotch applies here.
I do not know
if I can call this Dajm, but it is the best that I can use to explain this. It should have been butterscotch as well, but because I underestimated the ability of my saucepan, the butterscotch was rock har at the first test. Therefore I poured the batter on a baking tray lined with baking paper and let it harden. Then I dipped it in melted chocolate and let it harden again.

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