Paolo's chili oil

This is my first attempt to recreate Paolo's chili oil from memory. Because he's a little secret of how he does it will probably require a few attempts.
The reason for making the oil is easier to spread the chili flavor, and that no one should get a big piece of chili in one bite.
The basis of the oil is dried chili, which chili it will be should depend on which you think is good. A day before you need the oil take the amount of dried chili you needed and add the oil to let it absorb the flavour.
Chili and oil.
The habanero seeds I sowed earlier this summer are doing pretty good and all four plants are bearing fruit, but they are not quite ripe yet.
Almost ripe habanero.
In the absence of ripe habanero, I took some other milder chilies. I had not so many of them either, but it had to make due.
Other chili
I chopped the chili rough because that will dry it faster. The seeds were dried separately.
I put the oven on 50 degrees Celsius.
Chopped chili without seeds.
After a business day and a bit more in the oven, about 10 hours, the chili was dry, even if it looks the same as the last picture.
Dried chili.
How large you want the pieces of chili to be is a matter of taste. This time I grinded them to a powder.
About to be crushed chili.
This powder can be saved for some time. It can also be the base of a lot of other things.
Chili powder.
 But since I did not get that much chili powder this time I used it all at once.
Chili oil.

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