Mushy Peas With Chili

It has been some time since I ate a tasty portion of mushy peas here in Sweden. Which means that I had to try to make my own version.
Mushy peas with chili
The ingredients are simple:
  • Green peas
  • Chili, I used red, but if you use green, you can hide it better
  • Cream
  • Juice from lemon
  • Garlic
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter

The ingredients, except butter.
Boil the peas, mine was frozen so I added a few minutes compared to if they had been thawed. I also chose to add the garlic so it was boiled. I took it away before I started mashing the peas. Another choice is to crush the garlic and add it at the mushing.
Bathing peas, chili and garlic.
Drain and remove the garlic clove. Add the butter, cream, salt and pepper, then mash it all together to the consistency you want. I like it when it is not completely smooth.
Mash the peas with some butter and cream.
Serve everything nicely or directly on a plate along with some fish and chips.
A bowl of candy.


As we look at the last picture, we can see that I probably was a bit generous with the cream, but it was tasty anyway.
The reason I cooked the garlic clove was a whim from a recipe I saw somewhere. I do not think it made a direct difference so next time I probably will crush it and add it along the salt and pepper.

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