Blueberry jam

After the test with blueberry liqueur, it's time to do something a little more serious with a bigger portion of the blueberries that are left (a lot of berries must be saved for the tarts later in the winter). An obvious option for me then becomes blueberry jam although I've never done it before.
Hard, sweet blueberry jam.
Crucial to the amount of marmalade can be made is how much berries you have. I chose to just use 500 gram because it is easy to calculate, many other recipes based on 1 kg of blueberries.
Almost 500 grams of blueberries.
The ingredients of the blueberry jam are:

  • 500 grams of blueberries
  • 400 grams of gelling sugar / sugar with pectin
  • juice of half a lemon 

The ingredients, blueberries, gelling sugar and a half lemon.
Boil the berries in a pot and then pour in sugar and let both boil. When the sugar has begun to melt the lemon juice is added. After that I let it cook on low heat for 30 minutes.
The blueberries starts to boil.
Pour the finished jam into sanitized jars with lids and cool them quickly afterward. I chose to put them in a water bath with lukewarm water.
Cool the finished jam quickly.
Next time I make blueberry jam, I will try to cook it only half as long. Although the taste is wonderful as it is now, it's consistency is a little too hard and I felt that much boiled away. I will check consistency after only 15 minutes to see if it works well.
Blueberry jam.

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