Plum jam with dark rum

When it's harvest time, there are cheap fruits and vegetables in the stores, making it easy to find things that are nice. As with the pear jam I found cheap plums in a local store.
Plum jam with dark rum.
Because some plums where eaten right away, I weighed up how much I had left.
Almost 1500 grams.
Ingredients for jam:

  • 1500 g plum of the variety Black Diamond.
  • 1000 g gelling sugar / sugar with pectin.
  • 2 tbsp vanilla sugar.
  • 6 cl dark rum.
  • 1 dl water. 

I have seen that there are other recipes where the plums should be cooked whole or peeled with their seeds still in them. These feel a bit difficult or complicated, so I peeled and seeded mine before I started cooking them.
The easiest way I know to remove the seed of a plum is take a knife and carefully cut right to the core and then follow the core around the fruit. Once the incision is made, twist the two halves against each other and the seed will be stuck in one half, as shown below.
If it is difficult to remove the seed, repeat the procedure so that there is a seed with a quarter of a plum on much like the little bit at the top of the image.
Peeled and divided plums.
Chop the pitted plums and place them in a pot, add also about 1 dl of water so that they do not get ruined while cooking.
Peeled, pitted and chopped plums.
Cook the plums for about 10 minutes until they have a good texture and add there after the gelling sugar and vanilla sugar.
In goes the gelling sugar and vanilla sugar.
Once the sugar has melted, I let it cook for 5 minutes before I pour in the rum. After stirring it and letting the rum mix I pour everything in sanitized jars.
Result and some of the ingredients.
I was a bit surprised of the color of the jam, but I think that it was a pleasant surprise.
Nice and interesting color.
To mum,
thanks for all the support and contribution to who I am today. 

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