Gooseberry jam with whisky

2 important ingredients for the jam.
At last, my gooseberries are mature. That means it's time to make an incredibly good jam, perhaps in part because it is so simple. Last year when I reaped my gooseberries I was looking for something to do with them and this may be among the best you can do with gooseberries. Of course, the web page where I found the recipe originally had disappeared during the year but I found an identical copy here.
Ripe gooseberries ready for harvest.
Ingredients for the jam:

1 kg green gooseberries
1 kg gelling sugar / sugar with pectin
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
4 cl whiskey

Cooking time: 4 minutes of cooking + preparations.

Since my gooseberry bush is not that big my harvest is not much more than 500g, which makes me have to only use half of the other ingredients in the recipe. The picture below shows my cleaned gooseberries and the other ingredients in the right quantity.
Which whiskey that should be used can be discussed endlessly. The first year I made the jam, I used a very smooth whisky with only a little smokiness to see partly how it was and partly because I planned to give it away to people who do not like whisky that much.
This year I used a whiskey with a little more character and it also worked fine.
The ingredients for the jam.
Mix the cleaned gooseberries with the sugar and boil it for 4 minutes. When it have cooked for 4 minutes, remove the pot from the heat and add the vanilla sugar and whisky.
Gooseberries and sugar.
Once everything is mixed together, just to pour into glass jars that have been sterilized prior to the jam making. Although there are only two cans on the picture, this batch gives four cans. Be sure to have some extra so that nothing goes to waste simply because it was a miscalculation in the amount of finished jam.
Ready jam with a few ingredients to cook.
Of course there will be some form of unofficial price if someone were to guess what brands of whiskey I used this year and last year. What it will be, will be determined later, and will depend on how many guesses it takes.

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